​If you have any queries regarding visiting our Al Ain facility, please call the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi contact center on 800 8 2223.

Visiting Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – Al Ain

The Al Ain facility is conveniently located within the Tawam Hospital Campus in Al Ain. Get driving directions here.

Outpatient Care in Al Ain

Tawam Molecular Imaging Center in Al Ain has integrated its operations with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. The facility has been rebranded as Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – Al Ain.

This is a notable development for healthcare in Al Ain as Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi provides patients in the region with direct access to the world’s best healthcare providers and Cleveland Clinic’s unique model of care, reducing the need for patients to travel abroad for treatment.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – Al Ain is here to provide both residents of Al Ain and the wider national and international community with innovative treatments and an exceptional standard of care. The Al Ain facility is conveniently located within the Tawam Hospital Campus and offers the expertise of some of the world’s top medical consultants across a range of specialties. In addition, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – Al Ain offers advanced PET.CT diagnostic imaging systems that are essential for the early detection and management of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological and other diseases. 

Current & New Patients

All patients who are currently being treated in Al Ain will be able to continue receiving care at either of the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi locations by requesting an appointment through Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s contact center. Current patients who are being treated at the Abu Dhabi hospital will also benefit from the specialized diagnostic imaging services available in Al Ain if required, for oncology, neurology and cardiology studies. All patients will be treated by Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s North American or European board-certified (or equivalent) healthcare professionals and receive access to the appropriate medical specialties and subspecialties.

Insurance Coverage

Patients and their families who may have questions on their health insurance coverage are encouraged to contact us at 800 8 2223 or +971 2 659 0200 from outside the UAE.

Coordinating Patient Care

We excel in providing specialized medical care supported by comprehensive research and education initiatives. Our multidisciplinary team approach requires healthcare professionals to coordinate each patient’s requirements and deliver the right care at the right time in the right place.

As a physician-led hospital, our responsibility is to ensure the best possible care and outcome for every patient, which is the foundation of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Patients First philosophy. 

Our Outpatient Specialties

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – Al Ain currently offers outpatient appointments for the following medical specialties and subspecialties, based on the established methodologies from our 13 institutes and five Centers of Excellence.

The Al Ain location will closely coordinate care with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi based on specialty, complexity, and acuity of each patient’s needs.

Heart & Vascular Diagnosis and Treatment in Al Ain

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Heart & Vascular Institute brings the experience of the United States’ top-ranked heart center to the Middle East, and is one of the five Centers of Excellence at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Led by some of the world’s most respected healthcare professionals and surgeons, the Al Ain location offers heart & vascular services including treatment of varicose veins; adult congenital heart disease; aortic, coronary and peripheral artery disease; stroke prevention, and pre- and post-surgery follow up. 

Digestive Disease Diagnosis and Treatment in Al Ain

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Digestive Disease Institute provides the most advanced level of medical and surgical care for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and is one of the five Centers of Excellence at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

World-renowned healthcare professionals specializing in gastroenterology and gastrointestinal tract disorders will serve patients in the Al Ain location and offer treatment including irritable bowel syndrome, functional bowel disorders, liver disease and colorectal cancer, to Bariatric and Endocrine pre and post-surgery follow up.  

Medical Subspecialties in Al Ain

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Medical Subspecialties Institute focuses on diagnosing and managing the disorders that are most prevalent in the Abu Dhabi population.

Physicians at the Al Ain location offer individualized chronic disease identification, diagnosis, and patient/family education for common diseases and disorders such as hypertension, endocrinology & diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, anemia, allergies, immunodeficiency, acne, and hirsutism. Other specialties covered under the Medical Subspecialties Institute include dermatology, hematology & oncology, psychiatry, and Internal Medicine. 

Imaging Institute in Al Ain

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Imaging Institute offers a range of state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, including computed tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET.CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, fluoroscopy and radiographs (x-rays and bone densitometry).

At the Al Ain location, we provide advanced diagnostic computed tomography (CT) to evaluate and diagnose cardiovascular diseases, causes of abdominal pain and other gastric disorders, bone, joint and muscle complaints, as well as tumors and neurologic disorders.

The PET.CT Molecular Imaging Department​ of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is also located on site in Al Ain and is equipped with a PET/CT scanner and a Cyclotron, which produces radiotracers for PET imaging.

PET scanning is a type of medical imaging that provides detailed pictures of what is happening inside the body at the molecular and cellular level. These enable some of the most advanced imaging services in the region, such as  PET.CT for Absolute Blood Flow imaging for coronary heart disease, pre-surgical evaluation in epilepsy, early diagnosis of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, imaging for bone spread of tumors and other cancers.

Molecular imaging procedures, including PET and PET.CT scanning, are non-invasive, safe and painless.