Staying Connected
Staying Connected

Staying Connected

We provide courier services and hospital-wide Wi-Fi to keep our patients and visitors in touch with the world.


Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the hospital for patient and visitor use.

To connect to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s WiFi network, select network name CCAD_Guest from a WiFi enabled services device and accept the Terms & Conditions displayed.

Courier Services

We provide both inbound and outbound courier services for our patients and their visitors.

Inbound Shipments

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi accepts incoming deliveries for any in-patients in the hospital. Packages should be addressed to:

Patient Name

Personal Contact Number

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

How it Works

Once the incoming package arrives at the hospital, one of our Caregivers will escort the courier directly to the nurse’s station where the nurse, patient or patient’s representative will receive and sign for the package directly from the courier.

If the addressee is not a patient of the hospital at the time of delivery or the package cannot be delivered, the package will be returned back to the courier.

Outbound Courier Shipments

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Mailroom Operations and Patient Support Services are available to assist patients in organizing domestic or international shipments.

Patients can contact Patient Support Services to request a courier shipment. The Mailroom Operations team is able to provide basic packaging materials to the patient or the patient representative and can assist in booking the shipment accordingly.

Patients or their representative must be available at the time of pick-up to handover the package and pay any fees to the courier directly.