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Frequently Asked Questions

All patients over the age of 18 are eligible to sign-up for the Patient Portal on the website & mobile app. This is voluntary, but we encourage you to sign-up so you have access to the full range of helpful and convenient features. To set-up your account, complete the online activation steps or call our Contact Center who can assist you. Alternatively, speak to a member of our patient service representative team during your next visit.

Yes, the self-schedule function allows patients with a Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Patient Portal & mobile app account to book an appointment with their doctor at a convenient time and date. Guest users are also able to book or request an appointment after answering a few short questions. Please note, for certain doctors, you may need to call our Contact Center to schedule an appointment.​

You can request your medical records using the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Patient Portal. Once requested, you will receive your medical records within 2 business days. You can download, save, and print your medical records as needed.

Yes. On your next visit, mention that you would like to have your medication delivered. The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Patient Portal & mobile app allows you to select the delivery option when you ask for a medication refill. Please note, there may be some charges associated with the delivery of medications.

Once you have had your first appointment with your doctor, you will be able to message them directly using the Message Doctor feature. You will only be able to contact caregivers you have had appointments scheduled with in the last 15 months. If you have any concerns prior to your first appointment, our Contact Center team will be happy to assist you.

When you set up your personal account, you will be asked to state your preferred email address for communication. All your Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Patient Portal & mobile app notifications will be sent to this email.

A number of test results are available for you to view within the ‘Test Results’ section of your Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Patient Portal & mobile app account. You can message your doctor directly using the ‘Message Doctor’ feature to discuss your results ahead of any follow-up appointments.