​​​Completing 1-year post-gradute training is mandatory in the UAE before obtaining health professional licensing. The physician internship program offered at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and at Cleveland Clinic US, is designed to transition medical graduates to practicing clinicians, both programs are open to UAE nationals only.

The curriculum includes rotations in:

  • Internal medicine​
  • General surgery
  • Emergency medicine
  • Critical care
  • Pediatrics (at partnering hospital)
  • Additional electives

Objectives of the internship program

The internship program is uniquely designed to provide medical interns with a comprehensive learning to enhance their medical knowledge and clinical skills, and to gain exposure to aspects related to professionalism, system-based learning and problem solving techniques. On completion, every intern is expected to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude to:

  • Practice general medicine in a competent and safe manner
  • Provide patients with the best possible care
  • Build a foundation for lifelong learning and continued professional growth
  • Gain competencies to enter residency training programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria?

What are the admission requirements?

Potential applicants are required to provide personal identification documents, academic and professional experience records, as well as written attestations from university deans and previous supervisors.

Is the internship program approved by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health?

Yes, the program is approved by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health.

Does the program help acquire residency opportunities in Cleveland Clinic US or other countries?

No, applying to a residency program and seeking opportunities abroad is the sole responsibility of the intern.

Would external sponsorship impact the status of an application or contracts?

External sponsorships do not impact decisions regarding an application status, however, sponsorships may impact an applicant's contract details.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a medical intern?

Medical interns have a high level of patient involvement, allowing them to actively participate in the care of the patient, and perform a variety of medical duties including medical procedures, interacting with patients and their families, and participating in care management. Additionally, medical interns are involved in special projects, conducting tasks and perceiving​ responsibilities to gain a better understanding of aspects related to quality and patient safety, patient experience and operations.

What is Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi looking for in an applicant?

In addition to a competitive record of academic achievements, medical knowledge and clinical skills, applicants must demonstrate attributes of medical professionalism, team work and ambition to proactively take on new roles and responsibilities to best serve our patients, and to contribute to the academic culture at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

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