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Virtual Visits

What are virtual visits?

Virtual visits are a secure and easy way to access healthcare for you and your family from home.

Speak to your doctor without the need to visit in person using video calling from your device via our online Patient Portal or Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi app.

You can now schedule and attend appointments for many of our clinics and doctors over video call by booking via our online Patient Portal or the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi app, or by calling our Contact Center on 800 2 2233.


Before using virtual visits, you’ll need to register on our online Patient Portal or the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi app. You can download our guides for easy steps to help you get set up.

eCheck-in for your Virtual Visit

Once you are a registered on our Patient Portal or app, you can check in for your virtual visit 3 days before your scheduled appointment time, your video call link can be accessed 30 minutes before your appointment is due to start.

Follow the simple steps below to e-Check-in for your virtual visit via the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi app, or if you prefer to use our online Patient Portal, you can download the eCheck-in steps here.

Remember to allow at least 15 minutes to set up your virtual visit on your device.

  • Sign In
  • View and select appointment
  • Complete questions
  • Test your device
1. Sign in to your Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi app account and select an appointment available for eCheck-in, tap Manage Appointment.
2. On the Manage Appointment screen, you’ll be asked if you would like to eCheck-in.
3. To complete your eCheck-in, you’ll be asked some quick questions, please confirm any allergies and medications.
4. Check your microphone and camera are working by selecting Test Hardware. Now you’re ready to start your virtual visit.

Download Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi app:



Do I have to register to use the virtual visit feature?

Yes, currently you should register your account on our online Health Portal or Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi app before using virtual visits. You’ll find our downloadable registration guides on this page with simple steps to get you set up.

Does my insurance cover virtual visits at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi?

Please check your specific coverage at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi for treatment and services with your health insurance provider.

Do virtual visits work on all browsers?

The online Health Portal is available on all browsers, however, currently virtual visits are not supported on Safari browser.

Visit here for Health Portal related FAQs.

App Support


For any app related queries or support, please call our Contact Center on 800 8 2223.

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