Neuromuscular Medicine Program
Neuromuscular Medicine Program

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Neuromuscular Medicine Program

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Diagnosis & Treatment

The Neuromuscular Medicine Program provides state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, neuromuscular evaluation and treatment options, aimed at maximizing quality of life and minimizing levels of disability. 

Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders

Neuromuscular disorders are varied in their causes and symptoms, and diagnosis involves the use of both common and advanced techniques. 

Patients will be initially evaluated via a detailed medical history and thorough examination by a consultant neurologist, who is specially trained in neuromuscular medicine. Depending on the initial findings of the evaluation, patients will undergo a series of diagnostic procedures. Additional testing may be required, which can include specialized blood tests and genetic testing, nerve conduction studies, electromyography (EMG), repetitive nerve stimulation (RNS), single fiber EMG, skin biopsy, imaging studies and nerve and muscle biopsy. 

After confirming a diagnosis, the consultant will discuss with the patient and their family the outcome of the diagnostic tests and the best possible treatment plan.  

Treatment of Neuromuscular Disorders

Once a diagnosis is reached, therapeutic options will be offered, which can include specific medications to either alter the disease process, such as immunosuppressants with steroid, IVIG, plasmapheresis, or immunomodulating medications, or to treat the symptoms (symptomatic treatment).

Disease management is also offered, which may include physical rehabilitation and the use of orthotics, to help patients be more independent, and improve quality of life.

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Meet Our Team

The Neurovascular Medicine Program and Stroke Center at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Neurological Institute is a truly multidisciplinary collaboration. While neurology specialists make up the core team, there is marked interaction and collaboration with members from other fields - they are also an integral part of the team without whom the program could not function. These team members include physicians, nurses, and technologists from the Emergency Department, the Neuro-intensive Care Department, the Imaging Institute, the interventional procedure and operating rooms, and other areas of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Caregivers involved in patient care for this program include:

  • Stroke neurologists
  • Neuro-interventionalists
  • Vascular and cranial neurosurgeons
  • Neurorehabilitation physicians
  • Physicians from other specialties
  • Neurology and neurosurgery clinical nurse coordinators
  • Stroke nurse coordinators
  • Neurology inpatient Nurses
  • Outpatient clinic nurses
  • Technicians
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Dieticians
  • Case managers
  • Social workers.
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