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Pulmonary Imaging Program

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Pulmonary Imaging Program

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Diagnosis & Treatment

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Pulmonary Imaging Program provides advanced diagnostic computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the evaluation of different lung diseases of restrictive and obstructive pathophysiology.

Dedicated imaging protocols for CT and MRI image acquisition and processing are specially designed to provide optimal imaging for the evaluation of thoracic diseases. Pulmonary Imaging Program caregivers collaborate with physicians in Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Respiratory Institute and Critical Care Institute to assist in disease diagnosis and treatment.

The Pulmonary Imaging Institute is unique in its ability to utilize advanced post-processing software for manipulation of data through 3D techniques to create high resolution chest images in different planes. The addition of Dual energy CT can further provide iodine perfusion maps to the lungs.

For any Pulmonary Imaging exam, a patient is first referred by a doctor from another Institute for the appropriate diagnostic test, according to their condition.

Once the appointment is booked, the patient will receive specific preparation instructions. Adhering to these guidelines is very important to ensure accurate results and to avoid delay in patient care.

Upon arrival, patients are greeted by a caregiver who will guide them through the test and answer any questions they may have.

After each exam, Pulmonary Imaging Program caregivers compile an integrated report for the referring physician, offering a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s overall condition.

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Meet Our Team

The Pulmonary Imaging Program is made up of a multidisciplinary team of caregivers that work in close communication with referring physicians. Caregivers involved in patient care for this program include:

  • Radiologists
  • Technologists specialized in pulmonary imaging
  • Nurses specially trained to work with patients undergoing pulmonary imaging procedures.
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