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Thoracic Cancer Program

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About Our Thoracic Cancer Program

Thoracic cancer refers to any cancer located in the organs, glands, or structures of your thoracic cavity, or chest. The Thoracic Cancer Program at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi treats lung cancer, cardiac tumors and other cancers of organs within the chest. We take a comprehensive team approach to your treatment, coordinating among our specialists and offering a range of support services so you receive the highest quality care.

Your health care team includes distinguished thoracic surgeons, radiation oncologists, and medical oncologists. Every patient who comes to the Thoracic Cancer Program receives Patients First care throughout diagnosis and treatment, which may include surgery, chemotherapy, and innovative, advanced approaches to treatment.

Why Choose Us? 

The Thoracic Cancer Program brings together a team of experts to provide coordinated and exceptional patient care to those diagnosed with tumors or cancers of the chest, close to home. Our patients benefit from the experience and expertise of many physicians, not just one. We also offer our patients access to the latest diagnostic technology, innovative treatments and advanced surgical procedures supporting better outcomes.  

Our multidisciplinary tumor board meets once a week to discuss each patient. Specialists in treating lung cancers and tumors, esophageal cancer and other cancers of the chest sit together to talk through the best treatment options, including clinical trials, for each individual. Patients get the benefit of several expert opinions. 

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