Following the successful removal of three quarters of his liver during a very rare cancer surgery, Abu Dhabi teacher Dale is now heading back to school.

Dale Yost is a 66-year-old Abu Dhabi resident who was diagnosed with gall bladder and bile duct cancer in 2020. He was transferred to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi to undergo complex surgery to remove the cancer. 

A multidisciplinary team from the Digestive Disease Institute carried out a central hepatectomy to not only remove the bile ducts and gallbladder completely, but to also remove three quarters of Dale’s liver. Removing such a large amount of a patient’s liver is only done in rare circumstances – in this case it was necessary to save Dale’s life. 

Dr. Naveed Ahmed, a hepato-pancreatico-biliary surgeon in the Digestive Disease Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi says, “Dale had a central tumor, which meant we had to remove a lot of his liver to prevent it from spreading further. While the liver is the only organ in the body that can regenerate, it is dependent on how much can be saved. In Dale’s case, although we removed a very large amount, we were able to preserve a healthy portion, and save the organ.”

Following surgery, Dale’s liver-related tests show his liver has regrown to a normal size and is fully functioning. He is now undergoing chemotherapy to treat the cancer in his lymph nodes.

The father of three and grandfather of 10, now plans to retire at the end of the year. He says, “My family wanted me to return home for treatment – but that would have meant I avoided seeing a doctor due to waiting times for appointment. The healthcare in Abu Dhabi, and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi in particular, is superior. You just walk in, and an integrated team of physicians, surgeons, dieticians, and wound care nurses are immediately by your side to aid your recovery.”

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