​When Nalani’s housemaid heard the family dog whimpering in the bedroom, she went to investigate. On walking into the bedroom, she saw Nalani was experiencing a seizure and immediately called for help. 

Nalani had suffered a double-ruptured aneurysm and needed urgent surgery. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi was the first available hospital to be able to perform the procedure, and she was taken by ambulance to prepare for the operation and meet her neurosurgery team.

“When we arrived the full team was there, it was kind of nice to see – they were so upbeat and accommodating.” She remembers meeting the team who were going to perform the procedure, and recalls them explaining everything clearly so that she could fully understand what was going to happen.

Now completely recovered, Nalani and her husband Stuart reflect on their experience, which they describe as “phenomenal” despite the severity of Nalani’s condition, and the one-month stay in hospital.

Nalani’ s outlook is remarkably positive and she says, “Life goes on, these things happen and it’s about how we all come together to get through them.” 

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