Iman was following her childhood dream of becoming a children’s teacher, but her college studies were cut short due to ongoing issues with her health.

She was suffering from chest pain, and after visiting several hospitals to find the cause of the problem, she was finally diagnosed at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

“One of the main arteries supplying blood to Iman’s heart was being compressed by the heart muscle”, explains Dr. Johannes Bonatti, Institute Chair of the Heart & Vascular Institute. He explains that in the majority of cases like these, surgeons would normally open the chest cavity completely in order to operate. With the technology available at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Iman was able to undergo robotic surgery, meaning her procedure was completely endoscopic.

Iman’s says that with the compassion, care and respect she received at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, she can easily say hers was a 5 star experience.