Pamela was first admitted to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi in mid-2019 with liver-failure, following a long and complex medical journey.

She has suffered from a blood clot to her intestine and as a result of previous surgery, lost almost all of her intestine. She was diagnosed with a condition called Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS), which, due to the lack of functional intestine led to malabsorption of nutrition from the food she ate, and eventually led to her liver failing.

Pamela says, “When I first came to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, I was looking for an intestinal transplant. The doctors assessed me to see just how badly my liver was damaged and decided to put me on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). This treatment eventually fixed my liver sufficiently for them to perform the intestinal surgery on me that I needed.”

Patients with conditions like Pamela’s require life-saving TPN to deliver nutritional products directly into the blood stream. Thanks to the innovative Nutrition Support Service offered at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, the first of its kind in the UAE, Pamela was able to receive her treatment at home.

Pamela says, “My condition meant that I needed TPN to be injected for 12 hours a day, everyday. Being able to receive this treatment at home was life-changing. Instead of spending a prolong period in the hospital, the home care nurses provided me with all of the help and support I needed to take the TNP when and where I wanted. I take the TNP during the night, so my day is free to do what I want to do. I can be with my family and enjoy all the activities that I used to. It is life-changing.” 

Pamela now only needs to visit the hospital once a month, where she meets with Dr. Abdullah Shatnawei of the Digestive Disease Institute and a multi-disciplinary care team of other doctors, nurses and dieticians to review her eating and medication to ensure her nutrition status is maximized. Thanks to the dedicated program, today she is thriving. She is able to be active and participate in all of the things in life that she wants to. 

Pamela adds, “The care I have received from the entire team has not only changed my life, but also saved it. I am certain I wouldn’t be here today without their expertise and support.”

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