​Moussa Abd ElRaihim Elgohary becomes the first person in the world to be operated on using a new surgical technique that greatly reduces the risks associated with open heart surgery. 

Moussa, a 52-year-old Abu Dhabi resident, was rushed to hospital with a suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm, which was putting him at risk of a ruptured aorta, a condition which is usually fatal. 

Traditional surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysms involves putting the patient on a heart-lung machine (or a cardiopulmonary bypass), which stops the flow of blood to the organs for a short time. The procedure must be done quickly and is associated with a significant risk of blood loss, and even death. 

In a global first, surgeons at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute performed a ‘modified branch-first’ surgical technique – a procedure that very few hospitals in the world are equipped to deal with, due to its complexity. 

To reduce the risk to Moussa’s life, a tube was plugged into the healthy part of the aorta, which circulated his own blood to the organs. This ensured minimal bleeding and the operating team did not have to rush through the surgery, as his organs received blood supply without interruption. Patients requiring this type of surgery are traditionally sent abroad, but thanks to the innovative technique, they can now be treated closer to home. 

Moussa recovered quickly from his surgery and is now back to doing the activities that he enjoys. He says, “I’m very grateful for being treated right here under the care of the talented doctors at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, who made sure that there were no complications and I recovered fast.”​

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