Pancreas Transplant Program
Pancreas Transplant Program

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Pancreas Transplant Program

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Transplant Process

Pre-Transplant Evaluation

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi offers specialized care programs for diabetic patients that may require a pancreas transplant surgery when other treatments have not been effective.

Pre-transplant patients will undergo a number of evaluations and tests across different specialties, which may vary depending on the person’s age and medical history. A holistic evaluation will follow, along with recommendations from our specialized pancreas transplant surgeons.

Transplant Surgery

The duration of the surgery varies. Rigorous preparation is done by all caregivers at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi with the patient and his or her family to ensure the best possible medical outcome and comfort of the patient’s loved ones.

Post-Transplant Treatment

Post-transplant care is centered primarily on close monitoring for signs that the organ is being rejected, or that the patient is developing an infection. Follow-up support for post-surgery patients includes regular consultations with our experts.

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Meet Our Team

The multidisciplinary Pancreas Transplant Program team at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi includes:

  • Transplant surgeons
  • Endocrinologists
  • Nephrologists.
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