​Overview of the Plastic Surgery Program 

The Plastic Surgery Program at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Surgical Subspecialties Institute offers both aesthetic (cosmetic) and reconstructive surgical treatments. 

Aesthetic surgery is aimed at improving the appearance of normal parts of the body, while reconstructive surgery is aimed at returning abnormal anatomy to normal, such as following trauma. 

The Plastic Surgery Program is recognized as a world class body contouring center for patients after weight loss. North American/European board certified (or equivalent) plastic surgeons  are also highly experienced in nasal reshaping (rhinoplasty, or nose job).  

The Plastic Surgery Program provides patients with the highest standard of care in their area of expertise, including respecting the patient’s privacy and cultural beliefs. The program team takes pride in always putting Patients First, with recommendations and treatments that are focused on what is best for each individual patient.

What We Treat

The Plastic Surgery Program offers consultation and treatment on a wide range of surgery options for the following conditions

  • Body contour abnormalities: Treatments include tummy tuck, body lift (belt lipectomy), arm reduction, upper body lift, thigh reduction, liposuction (fat removal), and fat injections.
  • Nasal deformities: Nasal deviations, unattractive appearance of the nose, and traumatized noses are treated through nasal reshaping surgery, nasal and septal reconstruction, and rhinoplasty.
  • Breast conditions: Treatments include breast augmentation implants for small breasts, breast reduction for large breasts, and breast lift for drooping breasts. Men may be treated for enlarged male breasts with male breast reduction surgery.
  • Facial aging: Aging face treatments include facelift, forehead lift, eyelid lift, and facial fat injections.​
  • Protruding ears: Treatment of protruding ears is with ear pinning surgery.

The skilled program team also offers post-cancer plastic surgeries including:​

  • Breast reconstruction for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery
  • Skin reconstruction after skin cancer removal

Diagnosis & Treatment with Plastic Surgery

Diagnosis for Plastic Surgery 

On the first visit to the Plastic Surgery Program, patients have a consultation with a plastic surgeon, who discusses the patient’s concerns, performs a complete medical history, and conducts a physical examination. Following this evaluation, the physician determines whether plastic surgery can be utilized to treat the problem.

If the condition is treatable with plastic surgery, the physician and patient discuss the potential treatment, its benefits, and possible complications. The Plastic Surgery Program is committed to thorough discussions to assist the patient in making an informed decision, with expectations that correspond to what can actually be delivered by the surgery. Almost all potential plastic surgeries require multiple visits to the plastic surgeon prior to the operation.

Treatment with Plastic Surgery

Before surgery, patients have a consultation with a financial advisor to determine the method of payment.

Surgery is scheduled and performed at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi itself. In the majority of cases, plastic surgery patients can go home the same day, but patients undergoing more extensive procedures may be admitted to stay overnight at the hospital for a short period.  

After surgery, patients are required to attend follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon. The length of follow-up depends on the healing and specific treatment.   

Plastic Surgery Program Caregivers 

The Plastic Surgery Program at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Surgical Subspecialties Institute is staffed by a highly experienced team of caregivers.

Caregivers involved in patient care for this program include:

  • Plastic surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Plastic surgery nurses
  • Preparatory room nurses
  • Operating room nurses
  • Operating room technicians


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