Infectious Disease
Infectious Disease

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Infectious Disease Program

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Diagnosis & Treatment

Infectious Disease Program physicians are dedicated to providing comprehensive, Patients First care to provide the appropriate treatment and prevent the infectious disease from spreading further.

An Infectious Disease Program physician first conducts a physical examination and collects a thorough medical history. The caregiver may examine the patient’s previous medical records, like microbiological data (such as swab culture results) from previous hospital visits and any antibiotics that were previously prescribed. After examining the patient, the physician may order additional tests, such as blood tests, cultures to detect harmful bacteria, or imaging scans.

The physician will also seek the opinion of the team. The Infectious Disease Program team is committed to conducting a careful analysis and working together to ensure that they reach an appropriate diagnosis and offer the correct antibiotics or other medication or treatment.

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Meet Our Team

The expert team at the Medical Subspecialties Institute’s Infectious Disease Program at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is comprised of experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease-causing infections. Caregivers involved in patient care for this program are:

  • Infectious disease physicians
  • Infectious disease nurses
  • Clinical nurse coordinators
  • Healthcare unit coordinators.
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