Overview of the Executive Health Program 

The Executive Health Program at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Medical Subspecialties Institute has transformed the traditional physical from a data-gathering exam into an integrated evaluation by some of the world’s top medical professionals.

The unique Executive Health Program appointment occurs over the course of a full day, when the patient visits a range of departments at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi for medical screening and diagnostic testing. Each patient has a dedicated physician to assess individual needs and analyze results, supported by highly qualified, internationally respected specialists. 

Each patient is also assigned personal attendant who acts as a guide throughout the day, accompanying them to all tests and consultations. For privacy and discretion, patients are offered a luxury suite with a sitting area and shower. Aiming to provide a true Patients First experience, the program is designed to maximize convenience and comfort.

By combining its world-class medical, diagnostic, and preventative services, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has created the most comprehensive, streamlined Executive Health Program available.

What We Treat

The Medical Subspecialties Institute’s Executive Health Program is a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s state of health. It is designed to: 

  • Discover potential health problems
  • Target, reduce, and eliminate medical risk factors
  • Facilitate prompt, compassionate care for illnesses by expert specialists
  • Promote preventive health activities to improve the patient’s wellness through nutrition, lifestyle, and stress management

Diagnosis & Treatment

The Executive Health Program is a highly individualized approach to health evaluation, tailored to each patient’s age, medical history, and relevant clinical characteristics. The assessment and counseling can be completed in one day.

The assessment begins with a comprehensive physical examination, review of medical and family history, and complete set of laboratory tests. If clinically indicated, more substantial evaluations of cardiac, pulmonary, visual, and/or auditory health may be conducted. Imaging tests (including x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI) as well as preventive cancer screenings can offer additional benefit.

The appointment day concludes with counseling to review test results and medical diagnoses. Based on the findings, Executive Health Program caregivers offer guidance on further preventive health measures, such as diet, fitness, and stress management.

After the Executive Health Program appointment day, patients receive a comprehensive report with all medical findings and test results. The report also includes recommendations for addressing potential problems and developing effective strategies for healthy living. The program provides a wide range of options for action with an emphasis on prevention, culminating in a personal roadmap to better health.

All medical follow-up recommended after the Executive Health check-up will be addressed through referrals to one or more of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s twelve subspecialty Institutes.

Program Caregivers

The Executive Health Program has been developed and is executed by our western-trained Internal Medicine and Family Medicine consultants with many years of experience, with additional support from a team of Executive Health nurses, educators, and dieticians.

Further medical requirements recommended after the Executive Health check-up will be seen by the relevant consultants in one of our twelve institutes.


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