​Overview of Cataract Surgery 

Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss worldwide. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Eye Institute offers patients with cataracts the opportunity to be treated by experienced surgeons who use the most advanced technologies, including the newest surgical techniques available anywhere in the world.​

What We Treat

Cataracts occur as a result of clouding of the crystalline lens, the natural lens that rests inside the eye. As this clouding increases, patients can experience a variety of symptoms, including blurred vision or glare and halos during exposure to bright light. 

In severe cases, vision can be lost completely. Functional problems, including difficulty seeing at a distance,  reading or watching television, or problems driving at night and/or in bright sunlight, are often the reasons patients need treatment.

​Diagnosis & Treatment for Cataracts

Diagnosis for Cataracts

Because there are many possible causes for vision loss, it is important to establish a definite diagnosis. Physicians perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine whether the patient is suffering from cataracts. Testing includes a vision screening and examination of the front and back of the eye to determine the cause of vision loss

Treatment for Cataracts

Once a patient’s symptoms become significant, surgical removal of the clouded lens and replacement with an implant is the only way to improve vision. Cataract surgery is performed using the latest technology and the Eye Institute has access to the newest types of implants, ensuring that patients are offered the best options available.

In appropriate cases, laser-assisted surgery is performed using an advanced femtosecond laser to create incisions in the eye, softening the lens in order to make it easier to remove. After the cataract is removed, an artificial lens implant is inserted into the eye to replace the natural lens. The artificial lens focuses light rays into the back of the eye to restore clear vision. Prior to surgery, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi physicians select the best implant for each patient’s eye to improve vision and reduce dependency on glasses.

After both cataract diagnostic testing and cataract treatment, it is important for patients to make the appropriate arrangements for assistance with transportation home.

Cataract Surgery Caregivers

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Eye Institute is a leader in specialized eye care with a track record of delivering superior outcomes. Patients benefit from advanced technology, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and world-class, Patients First care.

Cataract surgeons are fully trained ophthalmologists with many years of experience in performing eye surgery for cataracts.

Caregivers involved in patient care for this service are:​

  • Ophthalmologists
  • Specialized nurses


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