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Preventing Falls In The Hospital


Do you know why you have a higher risk of falling?

  1. You are in an unfamiliar environment.
  2. You may have a medical condition or a surgical procedure.
  3. You may be receiving medications that can affect your normal balance or alertness.

Tips to prevent a fall

  • Before getting up, always make sure to call a nurse for help.
  • If you feel dizzy, do not move and ask for assistance.
  • Keep your personal items within reach (eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aid, cell phone, call button, walking aid, etc.).
  • Familiarize yourself with your room, bathroom, and nurse call system.
  • Use grab bars or rails when getting out of the shower or up from the toilet.
  • Be cautious with long and loose fitting clothes (abaya or kandora).
  • ALWAYS inform the nurses of any falls in the hospital or at home.
  • We may use a bed or chair alarm to further ensure your safety.
  • If we are concerned about your risk of falling the nurse will stay with you in the bathroom.
  1. Sit at the side of the bed for one minute before standing.
  2. Wear the provided nonslip socks without shoes or proper footwear.
  3. Keep your environment bright and floor clear of clutter or rugs.

Did you know that most falls occur when a patient is alone?

If a nurse asks a family member or personal caregiver to stay with the patient, it is important that they DO NOT leave the patient alone without informing your nurse, even for a few minutes.

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