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Remote Device Monitoring

Remote device monitoring lets you send us important information about your defibrillator and/or pacemaker from your home, office or while traveling.

Please read these instructions BEFORE you make the commitment to enroll in the remote monitoring program.

Remote monitoring program enrollment

  • Before you can enroll in the program, you must have a standard Analog telephone line in your home.
  • The HVI Clinic nursing staff will help you with the enrollment process.
  • You will receive the remote monitor within one month after you enroll in the program. If you do not receive it within this time frame, please call the HVI Clinic at 800.8.CCAD (2223)
  • You can only perform remote transmissions at one medical center at a time.
  • You may stop using the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s remote monitoring program at any time by calling the Device Clinic at HVI Clinic at 800.8.CCAD (2223).

Getting started with remote monitoring

  1. When you receive the monitor from the manufacturer, you will get an identification card; please keep this card with you at all times. Review the written and audiovisual instructions within 24 hours after you get your monitor.
  2. Perform the initial set up according to the device manufacturer’s instructions. If the monitor is disconnected or there is a loss of power, you must perform these steps again. If you need help with the initial set-up, please call your device manufacturer’s technical support line (phone numbers are listed below). Please do not call the HVI Clinic.

    Biotronik 800 284 6689

    Boston Scientific 866 484 3268

    Medtronic 800 551 5544

    Sorin 855 877 3899

  3. Send the initial transmission within 24 hours after you get your monitor. You may send it at any time of the day.
  4. On the next business day after you send your first transmission, call the HVI Clinic at 800 8 CCAD (2223) to make sure the transmission came through. Also ask for the date of your next scheduled transmission.

Sending follow-up transmissions

  1. About two weeks before each scheduled remote transmission appointment, you will receive a reminder in the mail.
  2. You may send your transmission any time on the day of your scheduled transmission appointment.
  3. If you have symptoms that are cause for an urgent transmission, go to your local Emergency Department.

When transmission results are reviewed

The HVI Clinic staff and your doctor review transmission results between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. Transmissions sent over the weekend or on holidays are reviewed on the next business day. You may call the HVI Clinic for transmission results.

Billing information

  • There is no charge for the remote monitor.
  • The cost of scheduled transmissions is reimbursed by Medicare.
  • Unscheduled transmissions may not be covered by your insurance provider. Check with your insurance company for details.
  • You may need to pay a copayment for scheduled transmissions. Check with your insurance provider for details.
  • If you have questions about your bill, please call the Cleveland Clinic Cardiovascular Business office at 800 8 CCAD (2233).

HVI Clinic responsibilities

The HVI Clinic staff will help you monitor your device remotely. Our responsibilities include enrolling you in the program, scheduling follow-up transmission appointments, sending appointment reminders and reviewing the device transmission information. We will follow-up with you by phone if you do not send the remote follow-up transmissions at your scheduled times.

Maintaining your follow-up device monitoring schedule is very important.

Thank you for following the guidelines. Doing so lets your doctor get important information from your implanted device to see how it is working and help guide your care.

Patient responsibilities

As a patient enrolled in the remote monitoring program, your responsibilities include:

  • Complete initial set-up and send initial transmission within 24 hours of receiving remote monitoring equipment. Call the HVI Clinic to confirm receipt of the initial transmission.
  • Perform remote follow-up transmissions as scheduled.
  • Keep your device ID card with you at all times.
  • Call the HVI Clinic at 800.8.CCAD (2223)
  • Schedule annual device evaluation outpatient appointments in the HVI Clinic. Remote monitoring does not replace these annual visits.

*NOTE: If you do not perform your remote transmission on your scheduled appointment date, we will call you. If you miss two consecutive remote downloads, and we are unable to contact you by telephone, we will schedule a Clinic Outpatient follow-up visit. If you miss this follow-up appointment or do not contact us to reschedule the appointment, you will be removed from the remote monitoring program.

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