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My Drain Diary

Marhaba! You have just undergone an operation, after which your body might respond by having normal blood oozing (or other fluids) in the surgical site.

During the operation, the surgeon places a special tube to drain the fluid build up from the surgical site. This tube passes through your skin in a small opening or from your wound, is fixated with a small stitch, and is connected to a suction apparatus known as a bulb.

This drain, which consists of the tube and the bulb, will require care in the form of dressing change around the tube insertion site and bulb-drainage emptying. Abiding by the latter is important for proper draining and prevention of infection.

The purpose of the fluid diary is to record the amount of fluid that you will pass from your drain. The main reason for this activity is for you and your physician to monitor the amount of drain output - an important step for your treatment plan.

You will have to fill in the actual measurements on the blanks below in milliliters (ml). You will be given a graduated measuring cup to be able to do so. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask your nurse.


Once complete, please submit the form to your nurse. The nurse will be giving you another copy for the following day. Thank you for your cooperation and we are hoping for your fast recovery.

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