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Semen collection instructions

Please read and follow these instructions carefully. It is very important to follow them exactly as failure to do so may result in an inaccurate report and the need to repeat the test.

CCAD Laboratory will process the specimen between 8 am and 1:30 pm, only on weekdays from Sunday to Thursday, except for public holidays.

Before the test

  1. For patient's requiring collection of semen for fertility reasons, abstinence from all sexual activity is required for 2-7 days.
  2. For post vasectomy testing abstinence for 2 days is required.
  3. Before collecting the sample, first empty the bladder, and then carefully wash hands and genital area with soap and water, dry well.
  4. Obtain a sterile plastic container (yellow top) from your doctor. To minimize contamination, remove the lid from the sterile plastic container provided before you masturbate and replace it after you have collected the sample.
  5. For Post Vasectomy testing, the samples should not be collected until after a minimum of 24 ejaculations post-vasectomy with a post-operative interval of 16 weeks.
  6. Specimen will be rejected as the results will be invalid if:
    a. Abstinence of less than 2 days and greater than 7 days for infertility cases
    b. Abstinence of less than 2 days for post vasectomy cases
    c. Sample submitted in a non-sterile and leaking container
    d. Sample not transported at ambient temperature (20°C 37°C)
    e. Sample received in the laboratory more than one hour after collection
  7. For incomplete collection, sample will still be processed, with a disclaimer, upon discussion with your requesting physician.

Collecting the specimen

  1. The specimen must be produced by masturbation into the sterile container provided.
    ¢ Do not use other containers, lubricants or a condom. They may contain chemicals which are harmful to the sperm and can affect the test result.
    ¢ Do not collect semen by interrupted sexual intercourse.
  2. Collect the complete ejaculate (full volume).
    ¢ If the sample is incomplete, write a note on the container or request form: e.g. partial sample only
  3. Ensure that the following important details are on the collection container and request form.
    ¢ Given name
    ¢ Surname (family name)
    ¢ Medical Record Number
    ¢ Date of birth
    ¢ The time and date of sample collection
  4. Ensure that the request form accompanies the container by placing it in the outer pocket of the sample collection plastic bag.

Delivering the specimen

  1. For Patients:
    ¢ Outpatient specimen collection: Please hand-deliver to the phlebotomy staff.
    ¢ Clinic collection: Please deliver to your physician or the attending registered nurse.
  2. For Phlebotomist/Physician/Nurse:
    ¢ Deliver the specimen to your Pathology/Laboratory within one hour of collection for urgent processing.
    ¢ Keep the specimen warm or at ambient temperature between 20°C 37°C.

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