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Methacholine Challenge Test


  • Smoking: Stop smoking 1 hour before the test.
  • Eating / Drinking: May eat light food.
  • Exercise: Do not exercise (jogging, cycling, fast walking aerobics etc.) for 2 hours before test. Wear comfortable cloths.

The following medications are to be withheld prior to the methacholine challenge testing.

Medication Examples Hours prior
Long acting bronchodilators Salmetrol 48 hours
Anticholinergic agents Atrovent, Spiriva, combivent 48 hours
Nido cromil Tilade 48 hours
Anti-histamine Claritine (Loratidine) Zertec (Cetrizine) Allegra (Fexotedine,Fexidine,Telfast) Ebastine (Alastina, Ebastel,Aleva, Ebastrol) 3 days
Cortico steroid. Inhaled and oral Flovent, pulmicort, Azmacort, advair,symbicort 24 hours
Leukotriene modifiers Singulair, Accolate 24 hours
Intermediate acting theophylline 24 hours
Caffeinated beverages like tea, cola, caffeinated chocolates etc Day of test
Liquid theophylline 12 hours
Chromolyn sodium Intal 8 hours
Short acting bronchodilators Albuterol , ventolin, Xopenex 8 hours

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our contact center 800 8 CCAD (800 8 2223)


  • Your physician has ordered a methacholine challenge test for you. This is a breathing test.The test will consist of series of spirometries , where prior to each one a dose of methacholine is given. This test will take approximately one and half hours. At the end of the test a bronchodilator is given to reverse the symptoms.

How will I know the results of my test?

  • Your test results will be sent to the physician who ordered the test. During your follow-up appointment, your physician will discuss with you the results of your test.

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