Why do I need pudding thick (stage 3) fluids?

Thicker drinks may be easier for you to swallow than normal drinks. Thicker fluids hold together better and move more slowly,
which may make them easier to control and give you more time to swallow. Thicker fluids may be less likely to ‘go down the
wrong way’ and enter your windpipe or airway. This is known as aspiration.

What do they look like? 

  • Pudding thick fluids are similar to pudding or mousse consistency.
  • They hold their shape and do not flow.
  •  They are difficult to drink from a cup and may be easier to take with a spoon.
  • The fluid is too thick if the spoon is able to stand upright in it unsupported 

How do I thicken my drinks?

Any fluid can be thickened to a pudding thick consistency using “Thick and Easy®” thickening powder. Whilst an inpatient at
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, thickening powder will be provided to you as appropriate. If required after discharge, thickening
powder can be purchased from your local pharmacy.

What other fluids and foods do I need to thicken?

If pudding thick fluids have been recommended for you, remember soups, sauces and any dietary supplements must also be
pudding thick consistency. Foods that become thin fluids in the mouth (such as jelly and ice-cream) are not recommended for
people who require pudding thick fluids.

Tips for thickening fluids 

  • Two scoops of “Thick and Easy®” powder are required to thicken 100 mL of fluid to pudding thick consistency.
  • Add the powder a little at a time, stirring briskly with a fork or small hand whisk. Allow a few minutes for the drink to thicken.
  • Fluids with thickening powder added will become thicker after standing.

Who can I contact if I have any questions? 

Speech Language Pathologist:  _______________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Number: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


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