Genitourinary Cancer Program

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About Our Genitourinary Cancer Program

The Genitourinary Cancer Program at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi provides specialized care and support for people diagnosed with a range of genitourinary cancers, including bladder and urothelial, prostate, kidney, adrenal and testicular cancer, close to home. 

We take a multidisciplinary approach to cancer, and our expert team of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, physical therapist, nutritionist and psychologist, work together to provide every patient with the most compassionate and personalized care.  

Our Genitourinary Cancer Program is an extension of Cleveland Clinic US’s Urological and Kidney Institute, recognized worldwide for excellence in patient care, teaching and research, and many of our doctors are faculty members at the main US campus.

Genitourinary Cancer Program

Why Choose Us?   

Our multidisciplinary team works together to provide every patient with a customized treatment plan. When needed, we draw on the experience of physicians from other departments, working together to diagnose your condition and meeting regularly as a Tumor Board to ensure the most appropriate decisions about your treatment.  

We offer a truly comprehensive approach to cancer treatment, with our medical oncology, surgical and radiation oncology services all available under one roof. Our senior faculty members have a depth of knowledge and many years of expertise in advanced and complex cases, offering patients the best possible outcome.  

After treatment, our ongoing care ensures any side effects are managed and minimized, to protect bladder and sexual function. Our ultimate aim is to treat genitourinary cancer, whilst optimizing quality of life. 

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