Eye Cancer Program

Our multidisciplinary Eye Cancer Program team is highly trained in the structure and function of the eye and offers state of the art diagnostic and treatment options for cancers of the eye.

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About Our Eye Cancer Program

The multidisciplinary team at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Eye Cancer Program offers state of the art diagnostic and treatment options for a range of complex eye conditions and disorders, including tumors of the eye.  

Tumors of the eye and surrounding area are caused by abnormal cells that have begun to divide and multiply in an abnormal way. Symptoms depend on the tumor’s location and generally, treatment involves surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy, as well as specialized procedures like thermotherapy or brachytherapy for local ophthalmic treatment.  

Experience in the diagnosis of eye tumors and an understanding of how to treat them is key to achieving the best possible outcome. 

Eye Cancer

Why Choose Us?

Tumors in or around the eye can affect a person’s vision and impact their quality of life and life expectancy. Eye cancer therefore requires treatment from a specialized and experienced team dedicated to preserving the eye and its function and appearance to the greatest extent possible. 

The clinical experts at our Eye Cancer Program collaborate closely with each patient’s wider cancer team of medical and surgical oncologists. Together, they provide comprehensive and individualized care for our patients. 

Eye Cancer Program Doctors

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