Justin’s end-stage lung condition was threatening his life and an extremely complex double lung transplant was his only option. Thanks to a selfless act, a donor was found, and Justin’s life was saved. 

When Justin arrived at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, he was close to death. He was suffering from end-stage pulmonary hypertension, a rare yet deadly condition that damages the lungs and the heart, and severely impacts the patient’s quality of life. 

Justin had been living in constant fear that each breath would be his last. His condition had deteriorated so badly that a double lung transplant was his only option. 

He faced a very rare surgery and one of the most complex the team had faced – which also came with a high risk to his life. Working with the Abu Dhabi Organ Donation Program, a suitable donor became available, and the transplant went ahead the next day. 

The surgery, which involved a multidisciplinary team of experts came together, took over eight hours and was extremely intricate. 

Just a few days after surgery, Justin’s lungs and heart were functioning properly. He no longer needed surgery and life could return to normal. 

Justin says, “I want to tell every pulmonary hypertension patient out there that those miracles do happen. I encourage everyone to become a donor – it really does save lives.” 

The team at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi urge everyone to consider organ donation as it is a selfless act that can save multiple lives. 

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