Sarah used to worry about her physical imperfections, but her breast cancer journey taught her to be grateful for all that she has.

Sarah discovered a lump in her breast that was getting bigger. She underwent a mammogram at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and further tests revealed she had breast cancer. 

The Oncology Institute’s Tumor Board met to discuss Sarah’s case, and all available treatment options were discussed with her. Thankfully, because Sarah acted as soon as she noticed a change in her breast, her prognosis was favorable. 

Sarah also underwent genetic testing, which revealed that she was at a high risk of cancer returning – but the test also revealed that she would respond well to chemotherapy. 

Sarah’s tumor was successfully removed surgically, along with surrounding breast tissue. Because she had tested positive for a breast cancer gene, doctors performed a double mastectomy followed immediately by reconstructive surgery. As a preventive measure, doctors also later removed Sarah’s uterus and ovaries. 

Sarah says, “You are never too young for cancer. Get yourself checked, have a mammogram or an ultrasound. Cancer was tough, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will get better, and you will get your life back. Because of cancer, I am happier today than I have ever been.” 

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