Eram thought her runny nose was nothing to worry about, but the mundane symptom was actually caused by a serious problem in her skull base that required surgery. 

When Eram’s nose became runny, she brushed it off as a cold or ongoing allergy. After a year of experiencing the clear fluid leaking from her nostril, she decided to get it checked out. 

She was shocked when doctors at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi told her that it was in fact cerebral spinal fluid – the fluid that surrounds the brain to protect it – leaking through her nose.  

A leak of cerebral spinal fluid puts the patient at risk of meningitis, a very serious infection. A CT scan revealed a small hole in Eram’s skull base. Doctors informed Eram that surgery was her only option to eliminate the risk of infection or long-term side effects.  

With two young daughters at home, Eram was extremely anxious about surgery on her brain and the possible impact on her health. 

The highly experienced multidisciplinary team at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Skull Base Center performed the surgery, which was a complete success. They were able to perform a minimally invasive procedure, meaning the length of surgery was reduced, risks were minimized, and Eram’s recovery time was decreased. 

Eram made a full recovery and is now enjoying a full, normal life with her family. 

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