​This is the 7th year of continuing neuro-related education at NeuroScience Update, starting on an entirely new and convenient web-based platform. Our team has set together an impressive program for 2022, connecting researchers and clinicians globally to discuss hot topics in Neuroscience.

The goal of this educational series is to keep participants up to date on the latest evidence in the management of ear related diseases, from the latest in evaluation, medical management, surgical management, other therapies and long term follow up.

It is expected to affect their practice in their approach to patients, each in their specific domain, including improving their confidence in recommending testing paradigms or discussing the pros and cons of different therapeutic options or surgical techniques. Learning objectives will be different every session, and will be defined accordingly.

Broadly speaking, in each session we will seek to:

  • Identify and describe the evidence for proper decision making
  • Identify the evidence for specific testing or management approaches
  • Describe potential pitfalls in clinical applications
  • Highlight the risks and benefits of different treatment alternatives

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