​Join us this November as our Webinar Series focuses on Men’s health. Supporting our month-long activities around the importance of talking about male health, our MENtion It campaign aims to draw attention to not only opening up to your doctor, but the importance of being proactive and attending regular check-ups.      

Our first webinar on 18th November offers an introduction to Men’s Health, looking at common health issues and concerns for all ages. Delivered by the Medical Subspecialities Institute, the webinar will address male health topics, how to identify early signs and symptoms, self-examination, treatment options and highlight the importance of annual screenings.     

Our second webinar on 25th November focuses on the role of urologists and explains why all men over 40 should see one regularly. The webinar, delivered by the Urology Department, highlights common urological complaints, symptoms to look for, and preventative steps every man can take.