For the first time, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will host the International Symposium on Neurovascular & Neurosurgical Disorders. The conference is aimed at reuniting around 400 Interventional Neurosurgeons, Vascular Neurosurgeons, Stroke Neurologists, Radiologists, Skull base Surgeons and Interventional Neuroradiologists from all over the world to share the latest developments and new discoveries in their field with the ultimate objective of improving the lives of patients with neurovascular and neursurgical disorders.

The scientific program will include didactic sessions, demonstration of new techniques using previously-recorded live cases, round-table panel discussions, a technology forum and luncheon symposia.

Topics to be discussed will include 3D Micro-vascular Neuroanatomy, Management of Acute Stroke, Intracranial Aneurysms, Pial AVMs, Dural AVFs, Cavernous Malformations, Skull-base Surgery, Microsurgical Revascularization Techniques, Advanced Imaging Paradigms,etc.