What are the benefits of this program?

Early detection can identify previously unknown health risks which allows patients to take control of their health risks and tailor treatment and therapies to address their specific health needs. 

The tests help medical teams to understand the severity of a disease to ensure a personalized management plan is offered and provides insights into factors that might be contributing to a higher risk for certain diseases.

Prevention improves a patient’s health span and quality of life as they age, extending their healthy years and improving their overall well-being.​

What does the test measure?

At present, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi conducts up to 10 different tests on a single patient blood sample, measuring:

Risk of a cardiovascular event like stroke or heart attack

Liver fat

Cardiorespiratory fitness (V02 max)

Lean body mass

Body fat percentage

The impact of alcohol consumption on the patient

Glucose tolerance

Visceral fat

Resting energy rate

Kidney function​

What is the proactive genetic health screen?

It is estimated, that around 16% of healthy adults carry a serious health-related genetic risk. The proactive genetic health screen is a blood test designed for healthy individuals to give them an important insight on specific genetic risks based on their DNA.

This genetic health screen reveals if you are at increased risk (or not) for specific hereditary conditions including hereditary cancer syndromes, hereditary cardiovascular disorders, in addition to other medically important hereditary conditions by analyzing 147 well-established genes.  

What should I do if I test positive for the proactive genetic health screen?

​Individuals who test positive for risk- increasing genetic variants after performing the proactive genetic health screen, are encouraged to see our genetic counsellor for a detailed discussion on the implications of the result. They will also receive early care by their clinicians, through which they are given the options of regular follow up, early intervention, if indicated, to prevent disease onset, and advice on beneficial lifestyle changes. To see if you are eligible to undergo the proactive genetic health screen, please refer to the attached genetic health questionnaire. 

What do we do with this information?

A multidisciplinary team of specialists will help you identify which factors in your lifestyle might be affecting your health in a negative way. We focus on nutrition, movement, sleep, risk substances, stress and social connection. The proteomic and genomic tests help us identify which area of your health needs the most attention now. We work with you using proven methods over 3 or 6 months to help you change your habits and redirect your health. If we identify genes that confer a higher risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer, we offer referrals to our specialty clinics including cardiology and high-risk cancer clinics. 

Is the test covered by my insurance?

The SomaSignal™ is not currently covered by insurance. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi offers a package which includes the test and consultation with our experts. Please contact us at PrecisionPrevention@clevelandclinicabudhabi.ae or call 025019200 for further information and pricing.​

How often should I repeat the test?

 Patients are advised to repeat the test every year as part of their annual health check-up.

Who is this program for?

The program is open to all individual independent of disease state:• Healthy individuals seeking to take ownership of their wellbeing and lifestyleproactively.• High risk patients with a family history of chronic disease and/or cancer whowant to prevent disease development

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