Overview of the Critical Care Transport Program

The Critical Care Transport (CCT) Program at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi moves patients safely between healthcare facilities, using dedicated vehicles and staff specialized in medical transport. In addition to operating within Abu Dhabi, the Critical Care Transport Program provides safe patient transfers between locations throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Patient Care During Medical Transfers

Critically ill patients requiring advanced or highly specialized treatments may need to be transferred from the hospital where they were initially diagnosed to a more specialized facility at another location. In the unique instance that a medical transfer becomes necessary, the Critical Care Transport Program team is fully prepared to address each patient’s individual needs.

Critical Care Transport Program caregivers offer broad knowledge and expertise to ensure that the patient’s condition remains stable and that treatment continues uninterrupted throughout the journey. Highly skilled staff assess the patient and continuously monitor his or her condition, providing the highest standard of care during the time spent outside the hospital environment.

Patient-Specific Ambulance Configuration

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Critical Care Transport Program uses a specially-configured ambulance for each patient transfer between medical facilities. In preparation for the transfer, the ambulance is custom-outfitted according to the patient’s medical requirements. Ambulances are equipped with adjustable mounts so that a wide range of equipment can be secured and used during the transfer.

Critical Care Transport Program Caregivers

The Critical Care Transport Program team is a collaboration of staff with highly specialized skills, working together under the guidance of the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Emergency Medicine Institute. Caregivers involved in patient care for the Critical Care Transport Program are:

  • Emergency medicine physicians
  • Registered nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Emergency medical technicians

Direct communication between the referring and receiving physicians is essential to determining each patient’s requirements and ensuring they are met during the transfer. Working with the physicians, the Critical Care Transport Program team is committed to providing safe and effective Patients First care.​


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