The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Administrative Fellowship position is a highly selective and rigorous, 12-month postgraduate management training program for individuals with a passion for healthcare. The fellowship is project–oriented and is designed to give the fellow numerous opportunities to participate in a wide variety of projects throughout the organization, leadership coaching, executive mentorship, and formal project management training with the goal of developing core competencies necessary for clinical leadership.

What is an Administrative Fellowship?

A postgraduate administrative fellowship is a program designed to nurture independence and experiential learning by an individual who has recently obtained a master’s degree in health, business management or similar field.

Administrative Fellows are assisted in their transition from academically acquired knowledge to the actual management of healthcare organizations through leadership coaching, executive mentorship, formal project management training, project work and experience.

Program Sponsors & Mentors

Executive Sponsors
  • Jorge Guzman, MD, Acting Chief of Staff
  • Hassan Al Nowais, Chief Administrative Officer
Program Director
  • Ralph Jean Mary, Institute Administrator
Executive Mentors
  • Najam Sheikh, Senior Director, Stategic Programs
  • Bryan Walrath, Executive Director, Medical Operations

What can the Fellow expect?

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Administrative Fellowship is structured to allow the Fellow to smoothly transition from academically acquired knowledge to practical management. Throughout the Fellowship, the Fellow will have the opportunity to interact and work with senior leaders at both Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Cleveland Clinic in the US.. The Fellow may also have the opportunity to spend time at Main Campus in Cleveland, Ohio for orientation and project work. The Fellow is expected to be involved in at least 8 to 10 projects at any given time (either support or as the project manager) and complete 20 to 25 projects by the end of the year.

The Fellow will also have the opportunity, as well as the responsibility, to attend leadership meetings, participate in executive mentoring, management training, and other programs designed to develop core competencies of healthcare administrators. Upon completion of the Fellowship, the Fellow will be able to apply for internal positions with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi in conjunction with his/her personal interests.

Project Work


​Application Requirements

  • Cover Letter (addressed to Ralph Jean-Mary, Program Director)*
  • Resume
  • Graduate letters of recommendation (one academic and one professional)*
  • Official graduate school transcript
  • Official or unofficial undergraduate transcript
  • Two essays*
    1. Essay Question (one page maximum)*
      Explain how an Administrative Fellowship will help you attain your career goals and how the Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi complements these goals.
    2. Essay Question (one page maximum)*
      Describe the benefits and challenges of fostering a diverse workforce. Please include in your answer how a diverse workforce contributes to a patient centric environment and quality of care.
*Must be submitted in English.

Important Dates

  • Completed applications must be submitted by 15 February, 2018 to
  • One Fellow will be offered a position for 2018-2019 in the 1st quarter of 2018
  • Fellowship year begins June 2018 and ends June 2019
  • Depending on their location, some candidates may be invited to interview on-site or via web conference.
Additional details will be provided when invitations for interviews are extended in March 2018.

For additional information about the Administrative Fellowship Program, please contact:

Sanja Sipic, Education Coordinator

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

PO Box 112412

Abu Dhabi
, United Arab Emirates

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